Gmail Sign up for New users on Google accounts

Every user privacy is respected and there’s no chance your email from their side. You just need to careful with the details of your

email so that your email won’t get hacked. As of Feb 2016, Google reported that it has one billion users active worldwide. Even Gmail app holds the record of the first app in the play store to hit one billion installations on the smartphones. According to the survey in 2014, 92% of the startups use Gmail to improve their services.

While sending the email, you can attach the documents, that are more than 25 MB. So make sure that the documents attached are less than the 25 Mb.  There is spam section in your Gmail in which the Google bots will automatically detect the spam messages and filter them from your email. You can check the spam messages in the spam folder. If you want to open an email which was a year back one, you don’t need to scroll all the emails. Gmail has the search option where you can simply search the subject of the email and it will show you the email. The Gmail has apps for Android, iOS and windows phones. Even the emails with any sort of malware will be moved to the spam folder and your inbox will be safe from those sort of emails. Firstly choose an username to your account. The username should be unique and not been registered till now. Choose it differently. If the bot says every username you try to register is already registered, try adding the numbers to your username. It will work. This will be your email address. Then enter your first name and last name.

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This will the name of your account created. After that you need to choose your password for your account. This password should be easy to remember for you yet to be difficult for other to guess it. Don’t choose your password based on famous celebrities as it will be easy to guess and your account will be in danger. You need to enter your password atleast 8 characters. Re enter the password to confirm the password. You can use numbers or characters to make it more secure enough for the safety of your account. At the end of the page, you will be asked to enter the captcha that is seen in the image. Just type the same in the provided box and tick on the Agreements box. It means that you are okay with their terms and conditions. Once you are done with it, click on the next step button. This page will allow you to customize your profile. Upload your picture from your computer for the display picture. Then click on the Next step. You will be redirected to the Gmail home page and this is the page where all you emails will be saved. There will be different sections in the homepage of gmail. Each section will be used for different purposes.